What Lies Below, Day Fifty Four

Exploring the Depths of the Infamous “Conspiracy Iceberg”

Poorly drawn MS Paint image depicting items from the article

Hey I even have the correct number on the banner today! Back in action! Let’s get to it!

STAR WHACKERS — This is a movie(advertised as a documentary) from 2011 in which Randy Quaid explains how “Hollywood assassins” have been trying to kill he and his wife for years. This is a specific facet of a larger conspiracy in which a vaguely defined cult that runs Hollywood is responsible for every single death and calamity in the cinema world. Quaid suggests people like Ledger and Carradine were offed by these people. The Quaids were both fairly renowned in showbiz decades ago, but have been on a tear of erratic behavior for some time now: getting kicked out of various groups, squatting, getting arrested, running from various warrants, and so on. They fled to Canada and at times seem to have been living out of their car, but took a lot of time to make spectacles of themselves when possible. Just why the ‘star whackers’ are taking people out is a nebulous thing that they usually assign to collecting insurance money, which honestly is shockingly mundane compared to what you think they’d be pitching.

Saturn Hex

SATURN MEGA-HEX — There’s a big dark hexagon on Saturn’s north pole. What’s up with that? It’s not like, a ground feature you can see but instead seems to be part of the atmosphere. Science guys think it has something to do with jet streams and stuff and I guess that may be true, but we can hope for alien cloud base.

JACQUES BORDAS — There is very little on this name out there, but I did find one random person post a quote somewhere attributed to this person, who they suggested also went by Jacques Vallee. If that’s the case, Vallee was a French astronomer who got really into UFOs after seeing one. He believed they were perhaps dimensional travelers, not simple spacefarers, and wrote a ton about it. This actually wound up putting him on the outs from a lot of the UFO communit who are deadset on UFOs being from traditional aliens. Influential within the UFOlogy world nonetheless.

‘MORONI’ — This is the angel who Joseph Smith said visited him from time to time and led him to the ‘golden plates’ that much of Mormonism is based on. Moroni was some kind of old-world warrior in life who wrote some of whatever is on the Golden Plates, then died and got to be an angel. Sweet gig. There’s conjecture within the Church about this, let alone outside. Some people think Moroni was an alien, of course.

ZNAMENIYE APPARITIONS — In the late 16th century, a Russian guy named Khan Kuchum saw the “sky open” and said he saw winged apparitions that appeared as warriors. They told him and his men to leave and he obeyed. That’s about all I can find on it, and even that is a very obscure thing. The sheer amount of this sorts of “humanoid encounters” are a fascinating phenomenon and growing a bit of a community around them online.

A drawing of the livytan, an extinct type of enormous whale with huge jaws/teeth that could feed on other whales.
Artist’s rendition of a Livytan

MOBY DICK WAS A LIVYATAN — Pretty straightforward. Livyatans are an extinct type of sperm whale. It ate other whales, among other things. Now and then people think it inspired the Moby Dick story, as well as the biblical giant whale story. “This extinct/mythical creature inspired X story” is a really popular format for theories. I guess it’s possible!

POPE JOAN — REPEAT! I can’t be too hard on the iceberg accidentally having a repeat, given how much stuff is on here. First one! I’ll just repost what I posted for the initial entry:
Lady Pope! “Joan”, which may or may not have been her name, allegedly disguised herself as a man and did a gig as pope for a while in uhhh…anywhere between the 9th and 13th century. It seems to have been a congealing of various legends and stories that became genuinely accepted for a really long time! People love Church conspiracies and they appeal to folks who would otherwise often not care about any of the stuff on this list. Due to the time period and vague circumstances, it’s very hard to prove or disprove.

OIL PIT SQUID — So the story goes, guys cleaning an oil pit at some kind of factory in Indiana found squid-like critters in there. One was allegedly put in a jar and kept, but has never surfaced. There’s no photos or anything else, and it seems to have been a one-time phenomenon. People think it could have been some sort of insect or fungus or entirely made up, others think it was a cryptid or alien life or some sort of particularly weird unknown animal.

GIANT SLOTHS IN NEW YORK AND NEW ZEALAND(CHINESE EXPLORATION) — This is sort of just a small piece of a larger theory, in which people conjecture that Chinese explorers found places like the Americas possibly long before the European “discoveries”. This seems mostly based on a single book that historians generally don’t buy into, but one of the bullet points of alleged proof is that Chinese explorers found giant sloths(which are thought to have been extinct even when the exploration would have happened) during this and transported them.

EPSTEIN ROYAL CONNECTIONS — This seems pretty deep for something as mainstream as Epstein, but I think the iceberg may have appeared before his case went super-public. Not much to explain about this one: Epstein had connections with a lot of wealthy and powerful people, and it should be no real shock that British royalty was among them. In this case, it seems Prince Andrew was pretty tight with Epstein. This is almost assuredly true and the Prince will never pay any penalty for it. Pretty messed up!

PADMA MCCORD — This is definitely a weird one. There’s a person by this name who has a youtube video full of things seemingly titled in a way to catch lots of algorithms. The videos(and there’s lots of them) are all just still-shot compilations of pictures of houses and things. People dug in and found this person has an enormous web presence: mostly various blogs, lots of social media, even an IMDB. You name it. But everything is either gibberish or just weirdly edited photos of her. She is seemingly fixated on photoshopping someone else’s face onto her body, or so people believe, and there appears to be just thousands of sites and results for her around the web if you dig into it. Some people think it’s just some sort of botnet or whatever, but “Padma” has apparently reached out to get videos on her pulled from youtube. This is one of those things that probably needs a much longer writeup, so I encourage you to look at the various writeups and videos and podcasts that exist on the subject if you want a wider view.

HUMAN BIOCAPITAL — So, I can’t find much on this and haven’t heard the term. I see it used in some research papers and it seems to orbit a general concept of reducing humans to experimental subjects regarding various conditions or genetic abnormalities they may have? I may be totally wrong here, too. The term is buried deep here and there and I’m not able to read half a dozen research papers just for one entry on this damn iceberg! Let me know if you know what it is!

The famous image of Bigfoot, a dark-fur-covered humanoid, loping through the woods and looking back toward the camera
This is the Gimlin film. Bet you never knew it had an official name!

PATTERSON-GIMLIN MASSACRE — You’ve seen the Patterson-Gimlin film. It’s the famous clip of Bigfoot walking through the woods and looking back toward the direction of the camera. In 2008, a “longer version” of this film was released — its validity seeming a bit dubious. Nonetheless, this video(which seems to be a Lost Media thing that a lot of people think doesnt even exist) supposedly shows people killing a bunch of Bigfoots right before that famous one walks off from the event. One or two guys have said there’s proof in the ‘original’ PG film. Bit of a stretch.




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