What Lies Below, Day Forty Nine

Badly drawn MS Paint image depicting items from the article

We’re back! Just about wrapped up with Tier Nine now with a pretty good mix, let’s get to it.

ARETOLOGISTS — I’m not sure if this is referring to a theological practice of chronicling and retelling stories about divine figures, or a more philosophical way of looking at virtue and how we go about chasing it. I’m not giving a particularly exhaustive definition of either, but neither is anything particularly bizarre or connected to any conspiracies I’m aware of.

a painting of a fair-skinned, blue eyed, blonde “alien” that looks extremely human. It is wearing a blue and gold uniform that looks formal, and behind it is various new age and psychedelic imagery.
A typical Pleidian representation

THE PLEIADIANS ARE MALEVOLENT — First, a bit of background: Pleadians are one of the more popular types of aliens that the UFO crowd talk about. They come from the Pleiades cluster of stars and are often also called ‘Nordic’ aliens(though some people consider these distinct and separate, it’s not like there’s any official rules here!). They’re often depicted as very human looking: tall, pale, long blonde hair, etc. They’re “good guys” in most takes, helping us ascend or defending us from the Reptilians or the Grays or whatever else. Much(but not all!) of the ‘starseed’ stuff you see online winds up leading to them. They’re also interesting because, as you can guess by their storyline, they attract a certain ideologically far-right flavor of theorist. BUT a lot of people really into them aren’t into any of that stuff and are just very into all the vibes and interdimensional crystal space frequency stuff.
But not EVERYONE is convinced. The Pleiadians tick a lot of ‘too good to be true’ boxes. And, despite being so powerful and rad and into helping us, they don’t ever seem to actually…you know, DO anything that helps. It’s all speculation of course, but there are plenty who think the Pleiadians are just using us as anything from fodder to food(much like the Reptilians allegedly do). Some think their whole pale-skinned blonde haired gimmick is an illusion of some sort, too.

HECTORS ICHTYOSAUR(TRUE ORGANISM SIZE PARAMETERS) — Hector’s Ichtyosaur was discovered in 1874 but has been lost in the time since, leaving this all open to debate. While a regular ichtyosaur was more or less dolphin-sized, Hectors Ichtyosaur appears to have been whale-sized or bigger. It’s possible it was the biggest animal ever, but we just don’t know.

SEMANTIC WEB HAS EXISTED SINCE 2008 — The semantic web is the same web we use, more or less, but with hidden layers that make it readable and usable by machines and AIs. It’s a somewhat new thing but it doesn’t seem that unlikely that some level of it has existed since 2008. While you often hear it in terms of companies data-harvesting and refining various algorithms, I think the context here is that it is being used by Artificial Intelligences that are training themselves and scouring these websites for information. Dovetails with the various “x website is actually bots” theories.

CEPHALOPHORE — Usually but not always in Christianity. Statues(or paintings) of figures, usually saints, carrying their own head. This isn’t always just symbolism for someone who got beheaded though, there are stories of saints who genuinely did survive decapitation and walked around holding their heads for a while.

SYNOMEX FETUS FARMING — Synomex is a big biotech corporation that does food additives. Pretty ho-hum except that they, allegedly, have “reverse engineered” human receptors for taste and smell. They do this to test their products and so forth. Kind of sketchy and creepy sounding, right? They used fetus cells to generate this research, and so I bet you can guess where this is going. This quickly became “synomex puts fetus cells in their additives”, which then became accusations of the companies who use those additives ‘putting dead babies in their food’. And to generate all of this, Synomex was farming fetuses like those pods in the matrix.
Now, there’s not really any evidence of any of that extra stuff — but good luck ever dialing back the clock. The ethical issue at the heart of it and the sketchy position of a biotech is certainly something to look at, but it gets a lot harder to do that when it’s been completely obfuscated by this sort of thing, which winds up helping the company just blow it all off as nonsense and go unchallenged. Something to think about!

GOOGLE OWNS 23ANDME — Google pumped a lot of investment money into 23andme(one of those ‘find out your DNA/Ancestry with this easy kit!’ companies), and one of 23AndMe’s founders is married to the founder of Google. So while there isn’t any “official proof” of this theory, it’s one of those things you can’t really blow off. A private company tied at the hip to Google having a searchable catalog of everyone’s DNA sets off all the warning bells you would think it might among conspiracy theorists of all stripes.

BILOCATION — Pretty deep on the iceberg for this one! Bilocation is the ability of someone(or I suppose something) to appear in two places at once. It pops up among Christian saints and other religious figures, and was even attributed to Crowley. It’s also occasionally pops up when people are talking about the odd way quarks and other things behave in quantum science.

In someone’s hand are two small glass vials with metal prongs on the bottom. Inside is a red blood-like liquid. Faded yellow paint seems to say ‘TESLA’ on one
One of many things presented as ‘Red Mercury’

RED MERCURY — Red Mercury is either a very secretive and powerful substance used to build nukes or it’s a hoax often played upon by people looking to make a buck off conspiracy theorists and new agers or its a powerful alchemical substance tied to everything from vampires to mummies. It’s somewhat obscure, but there are plenty of videos and “sellers” out there; people have even been busted trying to buy it to use in terror attacks. There is a red type of mercury, mercury sulfide, but it does not have any known special properties. So far, there’s very little substance behind any of the tales of Red Mercury. Please do not put anything you think is mercury in your mouth! Even if you think it is magic!

SPANISH CLOUDBUSTERS — We’ve already covered cloudbusting, the idea that people can sort of break up clouds like its a superpower or use various devices to do it, and I’m not sure if this is really a distinct thing or not. There doesn’t seem to be any specific ‘Spanish’ variety of cloudbuster I’m aware of. Sorry!

AGRICULTURE DOOMED CIVILIZATION — This is an argument that can come from a variety of angles. Agriculture has devastated the environment, it wound up leading to class hierarchy and all the ills stemming thereof, and made us ‘weaker’ in either a physical or mental sense depending on who you ask. These arguments aren’t entirely hollow, but it’s less a conspiracy theory and more just a somewhat contrarian view of human development.

NEXUS7 — I don’t think this is regarding the Samsung device, but instead they mean a sketchy “Intelligence Program” from the Pentagon. It was meant to help track instability in Afghanistan, and did so via a vague but ominous-sounding process of culling all the data from basically all US spy and intelligence apparatus. It catches and tracks and analyzes all sorts of details about individuals and small communities, and people raised a lot of eyebrows at it. But that was ten years ago and everyone forgot about it and I’m sure it was never used for nefarious purposes!

CHINESE FACIAL RECOGNITION BOOM — We’ve touched on it higher up the iceberg, so not much more to say here. China(and private companies therein) has been putting a lot of oomph into facial recognition tech. This isn’t new or exclusive to China, but they seem to be the hot topic for now. The reasoning behind it is always some mix of ease for law enforcement or apps that can better do blablabla by seeing your face, but you don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to be seriously put off by this stuff.

I really like the “hostile Pleidian” one. First, because UFO stuff is cool and underrepresented in modern conspiracy culture. Two, because it’s the sort of thing you’d hope a conspiracy community would conclude. “Oh hey these beautiful space elves have just showed up to totally help us out no questions asked, requesting nothing in return, and they’re totally the only good guys” is a little rich when coming from the same crowd who will write a ten page essay on the true meaning of a weird cloud, you know? Bravo, people who think the elf aliens are bad guys. You’re our last line of defense.




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