What Lies Below, Day Forty Two

Exploring the Depths of the Infamous “Conspiracy Iceberg”

6 min readApr 11, 2021


Badly drawn MS Paint image depicting items from the article

Welcome back to WLB: a daily rundown of 13 items off the conspiracy iceberg meme. We’re grinding our way toward the halfway mark and really in the thick of it now. As a blanket warning for this and all WLB pieces: there will occasionally be items touching on sensitive topics from sexual assault to violence. I will try to avoid grisly details but please keep this in mind!

IRISH ROCK MOTHERS — Damn, two stumpers in a row. I don’t know. Maybe something to do with ‘dry walls’ in Ireland that are like, these large walls made of stones just kind of wedged together? The ‘mother stones’ are larger ‘base’ stones for the rest to be against. I don’t think that’s it. If you know, tell me!

COMETARY EARTH THEORY — Unless there’s some other definition out there that I’m unaware of, this is just the panspermia theory applied to the origins of life on earth. We got hit with a comet covered in microbes or something and there you go. Not that weird! A lot deeper than this one deserves imo!

ANCIENT EGYPT SPACE PROGRAMS — Kind of a mixed bag here. This can be as ‘mundane’ as the theory that a significant amount of ancient Egyptian spirituality and culture were based around varying levels of extraterrestrial influence, all the way up to believing they had means of actually leaving the planet. Just as with a couple earlier items on the iceberg, sometimes there are carvings or images in Egyptian history that, if you squint just right, can look like some sort of spaceship.

FIRE IS ALIVE — Fire consumes things, uses oxygen, grows, etc. Sometimes people use this as a point in philosophical debates about what specifically constitutes “life” as opposed to what does not. You’ll also sometimes see occultists of various stripes suggest it’s alive, or contains living forces, from a more metaphysical perspective. Still, not exactly a widespread belief.

LEGAL R*PE RESORTS — Some variation of this exists in a lot of theories surrounding a ‘cabal’, i.e. satanic ritual abuse things in the past or qanon factions in the present. These places are usually on some island where wealthy and powerful people congregate to do horrible things — often including sexual abuse. The term may be a bit of an oversimplification, but the Epstein situation is pretty conclusive proof that this sort of thing exists.

RETROCAUSALITY — Cause and effect, but reversed. Quantum physics and real-life time travel buffs both work with the idea. Some point toward psychic phenomenon as evidence of this: i.e. a given event in the future. It’s hard to give examples of because it’s not exactly something that would appear in a tangible way, and a lot of theorists and scientists just think it’s not possible whatsoever.

PAUL HELLYER’S FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT — Hellyer is a former Canadian government official who is very big in the UFO/Alien scene. A lot of these types of guys have come out over the years to give vague statements about some UFO activity maybe being real, but Hellyer is a whole other magnitude and talks at length about how many types of aliens there are, how often they visit earth(a lot), their motivations, their involvement in our world, and so on. He’s said too much for me to really put all year, but a search of his name will give you plenty of details. I believe he’s still alive, but I don’t know if he’s very active at this point in his life. I cannot find the text of his ‘final announcement’ and videos of it appear to have been scrubbed from youtube(!!!). I am assuming it was just more details about alien intentions and presence on Earth.

ANTARCTIC FACILITIES — There are definitely facilities there. ‘Officially’, they are just various research stations and the like. Unofficially, who knows! These are a staple of a lot of conspiracy theories. Flat/Hollow Earthers are pretty big on them, Lost Civilization people sometimes think these are a sort of co-habited waypost between our civilization and the hidden ones living either underground or in secret places. There’s no shortage of alien base theories, of course, and everyone knows about the purported nazi installations and interest down there. Too broad to narrow down, honestly.

THE CEREAL BOX CONSPIRACY — This is…not much of a conspiracy. It’s definitely real, mind you, but it’s not very weird to anyone who has a base level understanding of how insidious marketing can be. It’s just the idea that cereal marketed to kids is placed lower so they’re more likely to grab it, and that the characters on it are made to appeal to them, and so on. The eyes also tend to all be designed in such a way that, allegedly, they’re trying to make eye contact with passing kids — creating a reflexive link that draws interest. It’s not “proven” and you’re not going to find cereal companies eager to admit this is what they do, but yes it is what they do.

COLLAPSE CULTS — This is kiiiiind of like a doomsday cult, but less hinged on specific theology or dates or whatever. It’s been very meme-ified on imageboards and social media, and there can be a lot of variation. In general, it’s a “the collapse is happening” or “it’s about to” viewed with a certain apathy or even joy for the collapse of civilization. Sometimes it’s born of misanthropy or nihilism, sometimes it’s born of a sort of primitivism-styled belief that things will be much better on the other side. Some just like the idea of living through such an event.

WE HAVE NEVER BEEN HUMAN — This can go a few ways. There are plenty of people out there who think our roots are something not of this earth: we’re a race engineered by ancient aliens or we’re aliens who landed one way or another and somehow forgot our roots, that sort of thing. Sometimes it’s more of a philosophy debate about humanism vs post-humanism, i.e. what even is a human and when does a human start or stop being a human if you add or subtract pieces.

A photograph of a somewhat run down Boeing 747 parked in an open field.
The 747 in question

CHAI NAT 747 — A few years ago a Thai Airways jet seemed to just appear one day near Chai Nat village in Thailand. People were freaked out to some extent, and really confused. It was missing some parts like engine stuff, but was overall pretty intact. But later it turned out a local man had bought the damn thing and was going to try to make it into some kind of tourist attraction. So, I don’t know what the conspiracy here is. Never heard anyone spin this as anything particularly bizarre.

KENNY VEACH FINAL RECORDING — Kenny Veach was a guy very into hiking, especially long distance. He had a modest youtube channel and commented a lot on other channels about his subject of interest. One day he made a comment suggesting he’d seen a strange cave near Nellis Air Force base that was ‘M’ shaped and made his body “vibrate”, and a lot of people were curious. He said he’d go check it out and that was the last anyone ever heard from him.
The eventual search operation found his cell phone near a mine shaft, but didn’t find him and didn’t confirm this meant they thought he’d fallen. Someone claiming to be his girlfriend eventually posted, saying there was no confirmation of anything but that she believed he had killed himself.
And that’s it. There’s precious little to go on and people are still torn on what is real and not real and what to believe. Some think he did find the ‘M’ cave and bad things happened, some believe the girlfriend, some think it was all fake.

I really don’t know on that “Irish Rock Mothers” thing. My instinct tells me it sounds like some kind of folklore topic, maybe a really niche local bit that’s still mostly oral and not online?