What Lies Below, Day One

A very poorly made MS Paint drawing showing things from the article, with ‘DAY 1 W.L.B.’ written on it.
The ‘conspiracy iceberg’, a very tall image of an iceberg covered with text. There are over a thousand individual things listed on the iceberg, which is broken into twenty sections that become increasingly strange as one goes deeper.
I’m only going to post the whole thing this one time. Gaze and despair at what I have gotten myself into.
Black and white photoshop image showing children on a playground in the foreground, with a dark slender figure in the background. Upper right corner has a stamp suggesting the picture is from old city records.
The original Slenderman image that started it all.
An example of sacred geometry: multiple circles and squares connected to one another with a complicated network of lines and shapes, forming multiple new shapes in the process.
An example of Sacred Geometry


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