What Lies Below, Day Sixty One

Exploring the Depths of the Infamous “Conspiracy Iceberg”

6 min readJul 8, 2021
poorly drawn MS Paint image depicting items from the article

We’re back! It’s been a little while, but WLB isn’t going away! It may take a bit, but we’re going to see this damn thing through. Thank you for the patience, anyone reading — let’s get rolling.

THE DELAWARE HOAX — As far as I can ascertain, this is just one of those “X place doesn’t exist” things. You probably have never been to Delaware. If you have, you probably don’t remember much about it. Can you PROVE it was actually Delaware you were in? So on and so forth. This is just a meme thing. But sometimes it has a “it’s faked as a tax haven” thing attached, or even a convoluted story about being connected to a one-time island state that was part of the fledgling US but sunk or something.

LINDSAY LOHAN ACTUALLY HAD A TWIN — Stock standard “X celebrity was actually replaced” thing, honestly. Seems a little low since a very similar one, the “Avril Lavigne double” is wayyyyy higher. Lindsay Lohan had a breakout hit as a kid with a remake of the Parent Trap, a movie in which she played herself AND her twin. Uh oh, see where this is going? That’s NOT POSSIBLE! What is more likely is that she had a twin who was then murdered(!!!) and written out of history. Like all celeb conspiracy theories, this one has tons of wild videos and diagrams breaking down every pixel of various images as they compare and contrast.

THE SECRET COMMONWEALTH — I really don’t know! It sounds like it could be any number of things about little spots around the world that wind up “unincorporated” or are declared sovereign or whatever. It’s also the title of a fantasy novel by Bill Pullman, which I don’t think is why it is here. On the other hand, the novel has supernatural themes and is aimed at younger readers, and that sort of book tends to have a weirdly massive impact on online culture. Who knows!

a piece of the conspiracy iceberg meme, hundreds of topics listed
A reminder of where we are. This is the 3rd ‘quarter’ of the entire thing, we’re almost through the first segment of it.

ABYSSAL ZONE MICROPLASTICS — That we’ve managed to contaminate even the deepest parts of the ocean with microplastics probably isn’t too shocking to you, but this theory says that the plastics found there date back centuries. This would mean they came from a time before we started any kind of mass use of plastic, which opens the door to all sorts of other theories. I have yet to see this based on anything but conjecture, unfortunately, but who knows what’s down there.

GENEPOOL FINANCIALIZATION — This looks like it’s some kind of incredibly complex theory somewhere in the mix of economics and sociology, but anything I can find about it is a dense article stuck behind a paywall. Sorry, folks, letting you down on this one!

NATURAL PARK CLOSURES — It doesn’t seem like there’s any one unified theory here, just fragments of different theories about all sorts of things. Sometimes parks(or parts of them) are closed for nefarious reasons or because aliens are there or they’re being used as staging ground for the FEMA camps we’re headed for, etc etc. Can’t find much real heavy conversation behind it though.

9/11 A HOLLYWOOD SPECIAL EFFECT GONE WRONG — 9/11 happening just as social media became a thing resulted in more conspiracy theories than it normally would have. There were always going to be “inside job” rumors, but the internet(and people on it like Alex Jones who suddenly saw a huge market to cash in on) ensured just about everything got air time: holograms, missiles instead of planes, war game gone awry, literal foreign invasion, aliens, etc. The “it was special fx” thing was, in my experience, more used to explain how the event was “staged” as opposed to being the cause. But I do remember some people saying it was actually meant to be much less “big” and the effects used to do it went wrong and made it worse. Not even the 9/11 truther crew seemed to give that much weight though and I don’t think this is something anyone seriously discusses now.

A large earth-colored tablet stands vertically, there are natural cracks but also a great number of seemingly artificial cuts or striations
The Dashka Stone

URAL RELIEF MAP — Also known as the Dashka Stone, this is actually fairly recent on the scene — discovered just before 2000. It’s a stone found in a small village in Eastern Russia that some say(though this is not proven) is many many millions of years old. Allegedly, the ‘map’ perfectly depicts a very accurate topographical map of the region. It’s popular in ancient astronaut style theories as the suggestion is that it’s either a relic of an advanced civilization or a sort of ‘plan’ for people or beings who carved the rivers and features shown on the stone.

ANATTA — This is really really deep for a not-that-obscure Buddhist concept. In short, it’s the idea that we don’t have a singular unchanging soul like so many belief systems teach, but we are composed of multiple changing elements. I imagine there are a great many people who have their own interpretation of this, and the general “we don’t have a traditional soul” concept isn’t exclusive to Buddhism.

BDORT — This is a “medical” technique pretty commonly pointed to as pseudoscience hokum. Still, like any alternative medicine, it has its believers. The idea is that you touch your thumb and forefinger together to form a circle, and then the practitioner hooks their fingers on this circle and tries to pull it apart. How well you hold the circle together is then analyzed and gives insight into your muscles and who knows what else.

ALGAL FUEL — Biofuel. The idea of using a renewable plant-based fuel isn’t particularly new or conspiratorial, but the exact status of that science and what is being done to restrict it can sometimes become very conspiratorial. There is real science behind algal fuel and, in theory, it could be an immense game-changer for the entire planet. As a result, it is generally theorized various wealthy interests have a vested interest in holding it back. Now and then rumors appear about a form of it that already exists and totally works 100%, or someone who invented a perfect form of it but then it and the person disappeared, or even the rare reverse card where algal fuel is in fact actually bad for nebulous reasons.

FACEBOOK EXPERIMENTS — While the specific purpose and nature of the experiments can vary, the overall theory is that Facebook is regularly experimenting on their users with a variety of tactics ranging from manipulating news/media to trying to manipulate their very emotions by controlling what they see. The reasoning for this is sometimes suggested as data harvesting at the behest of various alphabet agencies, or pure marketing to squeeze more money out of people, or even government-ordained mind manipulation. While there isn’t much “hard evidence”, it’s also one of those things that Facebook all but admits to if you read a lot of their interviews and statements. And if you still hang out on facebook, it’s clear they’re playing games with feeds and algorithms.

LIBOR SHOOTER CONNECTIONS — “LIBOR” stands for London Interbank Offered Rate, which is a sort of mutually agreed upon benchmark interest rate for borrowing between banks. There was a scandal involving this, in which involved banks and bankers found a way to game the system and enrich themselves significantly. This is different from the usual way banks create imaginary money in that the way they created THIS imaginary money went against the arbitrary rules about creating imaginary money. Anyway, two of the men connected to this were the fathers of mass shooters(those that took place in Newtown and Aurora). This is one of those things where the mindset of “there are no coincidences” runs into a wall because while it DOES seem like a very weird coincidence, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to go with the connection once you’ve made it. So it just sort of hangs there, theorists are aware of it but it usually doesn’t get a lot of conversation.

That’s it for today! Good to be back. I like ‘theories’ like the National Park thing, where there’s something seemingly off so every conspiracy circle tries to sort of gobble it up for themselves. It’s definitely UFOs, no no it’s where the elites worship baphomet, no no no it’s where the entrance to Lemuria is, etc.