What Lies Below, Day Ten

Exploring the Depths of the Infamous “Conspiracy Iceberg”

9 min readMar 7, 2021


Poorly drawn MS Paint image depicting items from the article

Wow, day ten! Welcome, weird wanderers. I’m Rob, and we’re taking a trip down the massive “conspiracy iceberg” meme. Talking about weird stuff has become a boom industry online, so I have no doubt that most topics on here are covered to some extent by a youtube video or podcast or something. This isn’t meant to be an in-depth look at any one thing, but just a daily dose of bite-sized items. If something grabs your eye, I encourage you to take a look! And as always, feel free to reach out if I goofed something up, you’re a supernatural entity, or you want to pay me for something!

JFK KILLED BY CIA — The most realistic of the Kennedy conspiracies. The op was probably even handled by former President George HW Bush! The suggested motivation varies depending on who is telling you the tale, ranging from JFK being too weak against communism to JFK being about to reveal all of the evil bad guys who later became the Deep State/Cabal of modern conspiracies. Writing on any JFK conspiracy can be a single paragraph or can be like 100,000 words and rarely in between. We’re going to stick with the former and move along.

BIRTHERISM — Suggesting a famous person wasn’t born where they claim to have been born wasn’t invented for Obama, but what we call ‘Birtherism’ was. Popularized by Donald Trump and a host of other Far-Right figures, the suggestion was that Obama was born in Kenya and not the U.S. This would therefore disqualify him from serving as POTUS. Birtherism broke through the blood-brain barrier of conspiracy-to-mainstream far faster than these things usually do, as the Tea Party wing of the Republican party accepted it wholeheartedly and every right wing and/or conspiracy website pumped it nonstop. Social Media as we know it was starting to come into its own at that time, so a lot of ‘normal’ people unused to vetting internet bullshit were suddenly being immersed in it. Despite Obama now being done with his two terms and never able to be President again, a lot of people still get real red-faced espousing this theory. It sprang up a bit regarding Kamala Harris in more recent days, and it’ll probably be just like pizzagate in that some permutation sticks with us for a long time.

LOST COSMONAUTS — Old one. Just what it sounds like. Soviet cosmonauts that the USSR, for various reasons, pretended never existed. Sometimes they just died or landed in the wrong place and were kept quiet to avert bad press, sometimes they were part of secret experiments. You know the drill. USSR records about this sort of thing were notoriously hard to get a hold of, which added to the mystery — but a bit has started coming out in the modern age and these theories don’t seem to be too substantial. It’s interesting to see very old-school conspiracy theories like this reappear online and take hold again, often thanks to some creative writing or ‘creepypasta’.

POPE JOAN — Lady Pope! “Joan”, which may or may not have been her name, allegedly disguised herself as a man and did a gig as pope for a while in uhhh…anywhere between the 9th and 13th century. It seems to have been a congealing of various legends and stories that became genuinely accepted for a really long time! People love Church conspiracies and they appeal to folks who would otherwise often not care about any of the stuff on this list. Due to the time period and vague circumstances, it’s very hard to prove or disprove. Wouldn’t be the weirdest thing that happened in the Church.

DVD case for Kazaam the movie, showing Shaq dressed as a genie on a blue background with the word ‘Kazaam’ in green text

SHAZAAM — This is one of the more common examples of Mandela Effect. A lot of people distinctly remember a film starring Sinbad as a genie named Shazaam, but it doesn’t exist. It’s probably just people misremembering “Kazaam!”, a similar movie starring Shaq, but who knows!
People have shared around a photo of Sinbad dressed as a genie, but Sinbad himself says this was just him dressed up for a movie night he hosted — and obviously he denies Shazaam existing. I’m not a big believer in the Mandela Effect being some false memories of divergent timelines, but I do like it when used as evidence for Simulation Theory.

ELISA LAM — Elisa Lam was a Canadian student on vacation in California who somehow wound up dead and inside a water tank in the infamous Cecil Hotel in LA. The manner of death was determined to be accidental, her clothing was all off when she was found, and there were no signs of trauma. This sounds like maybe a night-swimming accident, but weird things started popping up. First, no one could figure out how she got in the tank — getting to the roof is possible, but the tanks didn’t have attached ladders and had heavy lids. Her phone was never recovered and the autopsy report was vague at best on whether or not any sexual assault may have taken place. The most famous weird bit of this is a surveillance video of her acting very oddly on an elevator: peeking in and out, pressing buttons, and acting nervous. The internet got really into trying to sort this out, but so far there’s not much concensus. Some people believe it was drugs or mental illness that somehow played into it, some think it was murder, some think the hotel(known for other bad events) covered some things up, some even think it was a hoax.

BOOTES VOID — The Bootes Void is a portion of the universe that seems relatively empty compared to the rest. It’s not the only such void we’ve found, but is the biggest. It’s not EMPTY, there are galaxies within it, but they are far and few between. This is a creepy thing to think about for some folks, the true void of space not presented as it is in TV or movies — but just endless nothing in every direction for further than you could travel in a thousand lifetimes. People like to speculate about them and obviously sometimes that involves all sorts of far-out explanations, but it seems to probably just be part of how the universe works. Weird, though. And I mean, Things probably do live in the void somehow, somewhere. Weird Things.

CLINTON BODY DOUBLES — I don’t think you need my help on this one. The Clintons are popular subjects of the ‘body double’ thing, but it’s an old one and every major politician or celebrity winds up accused of it sooner or later. Sometimes they’re clones, sometimes they’re replaced by shapeshifting Reptilians, etc. The pendulum goes back and forth on the reasoning for these doubles. Lately the Qanon crowd has used body doubles to explain how all these bad people are allowed to keep working after allegedly being caught: they’re put away and replaced with doubles so as to let the American public enjoy blissful ignorance. The Clinton one got a big boost during the 2016 election when Hillary fell down during an alleged bout with pneumonia, then not long later seemed fine. Imageboards are always flush with side-by-side pictures of some celeb or politician, with little creases and lines and blemishes circled and diagrammed as evidence it can’t be the same person. Sometimes these photos happen to be from different angles and 20 years apart, but don’t worry about it.

Very distorted, poor quality photo that shows a humanoid figure in the foreground and a desert of some sort in the background
The original post. Probably. People sometimes argue this.

4CHAN ALIEN PHOTO — Alleged photos of aliens are nothing new, but a few years ago a new one popped up on 4chan. The alien body was standing, pale green, humanoid, kind of built like a slightly burlier version of the traditional ‘grey’ aliens. It was convincing, though kinda felt fake. In what is probably a coincidence, 4chan allegedly went down for a bit when it first appeared. People later came out with fairly decent ‘proof’ that it was a hoax, but who knows!

BOHEMIAN GROVE — Another illuminati offshoot, kind of like the Bilderberg Meetings but way spookier. The Grove is a big chunk of land in California that has a yearly meeting with the usual list of movers and shakers. The Grove has some weird ‘rules’ regarding women and kids not being allowed there at night, about outside issues/disagreements not being allowed inside, etc. Richard Nixon once recorded some rather crude comments about his experience there.
The Grove also has a lot of weird rituals and symbols that, given the sort of people there, are just pure gasoline for the conspiracy fire. Alex Jones got some early clout by ‘breaking in’ once, and now and then you’ll see images or videos purported to be showing weird stuff happening therein. Rumors about what happens there run the gamut from the expected clandestine dealings of Power-Brokers steering the world…all the way to Satanic Rituals and sacrifices and the like. Whatever it is that happens there, it’s shady and really happening and they just rub our noses in it! They’re basically just mocking us with this stuff! There are thousands and thousands and thousands of us for every one of them; just a thought!

An image of people dressed in religious-looking costumes at night, standing around a very large rock formation with an altar built into it. There is a fire blazing.
I mean, people aren’t wrong to have questions about the Bohemian Grove.

DMT ELVES — Psychedlic trailblazer Terence McKenna reported seeing ‘machine elves’ during trips on DMT, a powerful hallucinogenic that sees a lot of use as a ritual ingredient. As time went on, more and more people reported similar experiences. The idea that so many people were experiencing contact with similar alien entities was enough to generate a lot of interest, and the concept took off. It’s hard to describe the elves or what they do because they are reported through the language of someone describing an intense psychedelic trip, so it doesn’t necessarily make much sense in plain English. That said, the majority of people report it as being a powerful and positive experience, and most seem to believe these entities were not a hallucination. Detractors say that many witness these elves because they’re expecting to, but believers are vehement in their stance. There’s debate over whether the elves are some sort of advance alien, or otherdimensional entities, or even some sort of deity or spirit. Please be careful if you intend to fiddle around with DMT!

CHARLES FORT — A writer from wayyy back at the turn of the century who specialized in weird stuff. He did do some fiction but is here due to his research and non-fiction. Some people have said he was just doing a bit and saw it all as a bit of a prank, others thought he was really serious. He did do a lot of research, though, and put a lot of work into it. There’s still a magazine called ‘Fortean Times’ that operates in his unique style: far out and skeptical but not taking itself too seriously in the process. Fortean style conspiracy theory is what a lot of the conspiracy theory crowd was like in the early internet days, pre-9/11.

ROSICRUCIANS — The Rosicrucians are usually lumped in with or mixed up with Masons, the OTO, and any number of other organizations with a ritualistic or religious flair — some of which they may have inspired. They’re hard to pin down in terms of beliefs unless you’re very well steeped in all sort of esoteric stuff like kabbalah — but in short they’re a mystical group several hundred years old that is allegedly based on secret knowledge and order, etc. You kinda know the drill. They’ve put out manifestos and still have active chapters scattered around. They tend to fly below the radar of most big illuminati conspiracies.

That’s all for today, my friends. Thirteen more down, about a thousand to go. We’ve finally reached the tip of the iceberg, and it only gets weirder from here.