What Lies Below, Day Thirty Four

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Hello again and welcome back. We’re diving right into it today with a really strange mix. This is Tier Six of Twenty, so we’re still a long way from home!

KO HUNG’S FLYING CAR, 320 AD — Ko Hung lived around 300 AD, allegedly a Taoist and Alchemist, among other things. He wrote about a flying machine, which wasn’t very much like a car. It was closer to a helicopter than anything, like rotary blades on a spinning top. Toys based on this did start to appear around then, but obviously there’s no hard evidence Ko Hung actually built a working flying apparatus and flew it. It is possible, though. But this isn’t really that weird; I think maybe it just sounds weirder than it is so it wound up on such a deep tier?

BUDDHA’S FORESKIN — Welp. Good band name, but only for specific types of weird bands. Maybe a better album name. I don’t know. Anyway, there are rumors that the Buddha’s foreskin is kept somewhere as a holy relic — but I’ve never really seen the source for the rumors. Honestly I’ve not even seen a fake one being sold somewhere, which is really surprising. There’s also some conjecture that the way this specific part of the Buddha’s anatomy is described in texts suggests that it was very irregular. Don’t want to think too much about that! Next!

GIANT LAUNDRY SHRIMP — A very obscure cryptid, but a good one! Too many cryptids are just a bigfoot or a weird dog or something. More giant shrimp things, please. The story is one given via telephone and presumably carried on through the years until it appeared in a magazine in the 90s. A woman living in a small town named Bremerton, Washington in the late 40s. She dwelled in an old apartment block that allegedly had a deep basement with old holes and cracks in it that ran all the way out to the sea. One day she was hanging laundry in the basement when she turned around and saw a large orange “spidery” thing staring at her. She left the house permanently. Later she said the only animal she could identify as looking like it was a shrimp. The apartment block has since been torn down(or may have never existed), and to my knowledge that’s the only appearance of ‘Shrimpy’.

FOREST OF LOST CHILDREN — This could be referencing a case of two Pennsylvania kids who went missing in the forets of the Allegheny Mountains, but I think it’s probably the Loita Forest in Kenya. The Masai name for it is “Forest of the Lost Child”, and the legend talks of a young girl going missing in it. Or it could be linked to the infinite scary stories and urban legends about various forests being haunted. Not too much to this, as cool as it sounds! Sorry!

A very clear photo of a dog that appears to be entirely blue.
One of the Blue Dogs in question

INDIAN BLUE DOGS — This sounds weirder than it is. It’s also something that was pretty clearly explained. A couple years ago, a dozen or so dogs were spotted in Mumbai and appeared to be blue. They were different types of dogs, presumably strays, but all shared the trait. Some images and video went online, and eventually it was learned that a nearby factory was dumping industrial waste(including dyes) into a river. Another Libertarian success story. They should add this to their pitch. Couldn’t hurt. “Let us run things and there will be animals of all sorts of fun colors for the fifty years it takes for them to all go extinct!”

OKBOMB INSIDE JOB — I’ve never seen it written as “OKBOMB” before but that would be a good band name. Lots of good band names on this iceberg. As with any major event like it, the Oklahoma City Bombing has a whole lot of conspiracy theories in orbit. There is a lot of talk about co-conspirators who were allegedly mentioned during the grand jury and forgotten about, or even seen with McVeigh at the scene of the bombing. Likewise, McVeigh’s associate Tom Nichols did some traveling and people have come up with links to foreign governments, terror cells, and so on. The big one, though, which sometimes includes that other stuff, is the obligatory “Inside Job” thing.
Anyway, the “inside job” thing generally suggests what you would think: the bombing was conducted or helped along by the government as an excuse to come take all our guns and lock up all the Right Wingers. That is exactly what happened, and white-nationalists never caused any problems for anyone in America again!
The allegation revolves around various things, and there are a lot of variations of the core belief. Sometimes there were government informants nudging McVeigh along as a patsy and even some extra bombs planted that explain what theorists see as inconsistencies in the way the rental-truck-bomb worked. Other times it factors in statements by McVeigh that he’d been part of some secret black-ops wetwork team in the military and maybe was even still working for them after allegedly resigning. This was real big business in the conspiracy theorist world until 9/11 happened; starting to make a little bit of a comeback now.

ELON MUSK MIND CONTROL — In between blowing up rockets and trying suspiciously hard to impress teenagers on reddit, Elon Musk occasionally babbles about something called “Neuralink”. It works by uhhhh, well imagine a big robotic sewing machine lining your brain with ‘thread’ that is actually high-technology blablabla. And the robot is controlled by a fifty year old gazillionaire who spends every waking moment sharing memes and having public temper tantrums if someone posts that picture of him hugging his close personal friend Ghislaine Maxwell.
The “idea” is that this could treat various brain conditions, but also allow someone to interlink with devices on our outside the body. Maybe even a sort of merger with AI. They’ve been testing it on a lot of animals; and have allegedly gotten a monkey to play video games using only its brain.
The scientific and medical community are mixed in their reception. While this sort of technology is probably inevitable and could make huge leaps for humanity, it is in the hands of a failson whose only talent is attaching his name to the work done by other people.
There’s also a lot of general hesitation at this sort of thing because it seems a little unclear to just what extent the connection would run and how much control could be asserted on you through it. There was a time when the conspiracy theory community, although generally conservative, would run you out of town if you ever suggested something as ludicrous as trusting a billionaire or a president. While that attitude mysteriously went away for four years there for some reason, a bit of it is creeping back in as justified doubt about the motivations of a manboy cosplaying as Tony Stark and his most recent vanity project. Whether the devices will allow your brain to be monitored or outright controlled differs depending on who you’re talking to, but I wouldn’t count on Musk wiring up many brains while 95% of people still react with shock or repulsion at those little magnets you can get implanted in your fingertips.
Then again, you only need look at the replies to one of his tweets to understand just how many people would let him take a dump in their brainpan if he asked.

This quarter is far more dense than the first.

MILEY CYRUS DEATH — I think we’ve already touched on the idea that basically every celebrity has some level of “they’re a double/fake” conspiracy around them, to varying magnitude. If a celebrity is known for being outlandish or has every had a “brand change” or ever been involved in drugs or something, the popularity of the conspiracy grows. The two leading theories on Miley are that she was iced by Disney or that she overdosed and was replaced. The former of the theories suggests that Disney was so mad about one of their starlets getting raunchy that they took her out and then…replaced her with a double/clone who does the same thing? Makes sense to someone, I guess. The other one at least has logic to it: she overdosed but the powers that be realized how much money she was destined to make and installed a double/clone. Sometimes this is because the illuminati/nwo/cabal made her one of their minions, though that heat now seems mostly aimed at Lady GaGa. The evidence is uhhhh the same as it always is: she used a body double once somewhere in the past and if you compare pictures of her 10 years apart she looks different! I mean, why else would someone look different in pictures taken at 15 and 25 years old??

PLANNED EXTINCTION (TRIAGE) — Conservationists have a thing called ecological triage, which is just like medical triage but expanded to cover whole biomes or ecosystems. They have limited budgets and people and time so they have to do the best they can. Now expand and mutate the theory a bit and you get this entry, which is just suggesting that specific extinctions(or the mass extinction event we’re experiencing as a whole) are being done with specific intent as opposed to being wrought as a byproduct of human endeavors. This mostly pops up regarding humans — at least in basic theory, though it usually stops short of full extinction and instead locks onto depopulation. A lot of far-right conspiracy theorists suggest the Illuminati/nwo/cabal are actively trying to do this, and some of their entry-level talking points like “White Genocide” and “Great Replacement” have begun leaking into more mainstream channels. Meanwhile, ecofascists often basically propose this exact thing as a good idea — and I bet you can guess which groups of people they think we should get rid of as “triage”!

THE L-8 BLIMP CREW — GHOST BLIMP GHOST BLIMP GHOST BLIMP. “Ghost Blimp” is a good band name. Also definitely one of those words that loses its shape and meaning after enough repetition. Blimp. Blimp. Blimp. I’m very tired. L-8 was a US military blimp in WW2 tasked with hunting Japanese subs. One day the 2-man crew of the blimp sent a message that they were investigating a possible sub, dropped flares, and began circling a small area — all witnessed by a nearby fishing boat. After a few hours, the blimp turned for mainland and that’s when things get weird.
There were a bunch of legitimate sightings in and around San Francisco, with many saying they were able to see people in the gondola of the blimp — even though it was being very erratic: going much higher than it was supposed to sometimes, literally skimming the ground at others. Eventually, it bounced off a house and telephone pole in Daly City(at this time being followed by a crowd of authorities and onlookers) and finally touched down on top of some poor schmuck’s car. The two crewmen were missing. All the blimp’s parachutes and its liferaft were accounted for, and its radio was still working. Theories range from them being spies to, of course, aliens. The two men were never found.

MOTHMAN AT 9/11 — I feel like Mothman has been insulted a bit by being so deep on this thing. He deserves to be one of the big famous things that the iceberg sticks right at the top! If you aren’t aware, Mothman straddles the line between cryptid and alien and maybe-something-else. More than just a humanoid with wings, this entity is sometimes reported to appear as a sort of harbinger of tragedy. The legend has swelled over the years, with Mothman being mixed up with time travel and other dimensions and secret government bases and just about everything else.
Since Mothman’s original appearances in the 60s, sightings happen from time to time — and some people think he’s been present at various historic disasters. That he appeared at 9/11 seems to be entirely based on one picture that, ah, I suppose you should judge for yourself.

GEOMETRODYNAMICS — Theoretical quantum physics stuff. From what I understand, which may not be much at all, this is just a way of interpreting space-time in a geometric sense and giving shape to things that were not thought to exist in such ways. This isn’t really a conspiracy or anything, it’s just weird science theory that is neat to talk about but may not be best placed on a list of all this other stuff. Then again, this kind of thing will probably someday explain a lot of other paranormal phenomenon!

Not many pictures today. Sorry about that! Bummer that Mothman had to wait so long, in my opinion. See you tomorrow!




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