What Lies Below, Day Twenty Four

Exploring the Depths of the Infamous “Conspiracy Iceberg”

8 min readMar 21, 2021
Badly drawn mspaint image depicting items from the article

Welcome back to What Lies Below! We’re taking another 13 chips off the Iceberg today as we work our way down to the most obscure and bizarre legends and phenomenon the internet can produce. Keep in mind, we’re just keeping it bite-sized here. For in-depth looks of the things that grab you, do a quick search and I bet you’ll find articles or videos giving you more meat. Or yell at me and if enough people demand something, some day I’ll do deep-dives!

BALTIC ANOMALY — Some treasure hunters in the early 2010s were in the Baltic Sea and got a sonar image of something weirdly shaped down there. Interpretive drawings were made that may or may not have taken some liberties, and quickly painted the object as a UFO. The readings were studied and found to be pretty inconclusive, and no other expedition has actually gone down there to decide things. The treasure-hunting team also, in my professional opinion, seems like they were playing this up just a little for hype and attention. It’s a good way to get noticed by the sorts of outside productions that might fund your next trip or two if you let them film it, you know?
Still, the alleged looks of the thing are really really distinctly artificial-looking. So if it is genuine, that there’s an alien ship for sure.

A circular underwater “formation” with very straight, distinct lines and shapes all over it. It looks very different from the surrounding sea bed and very much like a spaceship.
Baltic Anomaly.

JFK KILLED IN ULTRARIGHT COUP — Any JFK theory in the 2020s is something that has been reworded and rethought and edited and modified for decades. It’s sometimes hard to figure out the roots. This one is pretty self-explanatory: JFK was too ‘Left’ for the fascists pulling the strings and had to be removed. It doesn’t hold up well to scrutiny, but it doesn’t need to. The weird thing is that very recent declassified documents show that the Soviet Union seemed to also think this! This is based on memos which may or may not be super-accurate, but it seems the KGB at least considered that parts of the US government(including then-VP Johnson) iced JFK as part of an effort to start a war with the Soviets. JFK was liberal but he wasn’t exactly a Leftist, and it’s not like the US wasn’t already pretty far to the Right at the time. Then again, we’re even more to the Right now so maybe it was successful!

SEA PEOPLE — Okay this MIGHT mean like, actual aquatic humans and other sentient things which…there’s a lot of. Too many to just run down here, be they cryptids or otherwise. But I THINK this means something else. There is a theory, unproven but with some evidence, that roughly 3000 years ago there was a sort of…group of people from various areas that worked together to attack larger civilizations(like Egypt) via the sea. Historians seem to agree that there’s something to this, though they argue about the size of the group, the origins, etc. Maybe it was an organized effort, maybe just migrant people, maybe something more akin to piracy, who knows. This is interesting history stuff but not very conspiratorial or even weird? I imagine somewhere out there they have been connected to a lost civilization or something, but otherwise I don’t know why it’s this deep on the iceberg.

MARKO RODIN — I’m going to be very honest here: I am not smart enough to really explain this one. Sorry! Marko Rodin is a a mathematician(?) or scientist(?) or theorist(?) or some combination of these who utilizes something he considers “vortex mathematics” to explain…basically everything. From why electrons spin to how the universe is arranged energetically, vortex math explains it. Most scientists and theologians and mathematicians don’t seem impressed, but Rodin has a lot of articles and YouTubes and stuff so go see for yourself! The idea that certain mathematical rules underpin what we consider to be divinity or magic isn’t new, but he seems to be the biggest proponent of it right now.

PLATONIA — Julian Barbour is a British physicist who works with a lot of theoretical stuff like how time works. He is much smarter than I am so I won’t try to really make sense of his writing for you, but Platonia is a term given for like…every possible everything all in one place. If there was a box containing infinite moments from infinite multiverses, that box would be Platonia? Kind of? Anyway, platonia is also the name of his website and you can go read about it yourself! Good luck!

PRESENT LAND — I genuinely don’t know. Not even an idea. Hah hah maybe it’s a term for the north pole because of santa get it hahhahah I am very lonely

MORPHOGENETIC FIELD — Whew there’s been a lot of really complicated ones lately huh? I could really use a nice cryptid or hokey internet legend right about now! The Morphogenetic Field means a lot of things depending on who is talking about it, i.e. it can be an area of a living thing that directs how that area will function, but isn’t inherently part of it biologically. But it is also used on a larger scale in the same way genetic memory is. Like there’s a big cloud of energy or something that contains uhhhh instructions or information. I don’t know man I thought this was all going to be UFOs and bigfoots, don’t yell at me.

The night sky and the constellation ‘Draco’ shown with lines, shaped like a traditional serpent

DRACO — I guess this means the ‘Draco’ constellation, from which the Reptilian aliens(or ‘Draconians’) originally come. You don’t hear about this as much from UFOlogists, or honestly even most of the big ‘reptilians are running earth’ people. This comes up more in the crowd who spend all their time working out the history of the galaxy and how every individual alien race spread and encountered others. Seriously, people have it all mapped out like a star wars wiki. It’s impressive. The ‘Draconians’ built a big empire, largely by conquering, but experienced resistance from other heroic aliens who just so happened to look like tall white blonde humans. Why they’re obsessed with us is nebulous but usually we’re being used as food or labor.

MARTIAN GREMLIN — I don’t think there’s really much here? Now and then when something would go wrong with a Mars rover, scientists would say ‘oh the martian gremlins got it again’. Now, you can decipher that as just a common phrase or as them talking about literal martian gremlins and I guess a few people online chose the latter. That said, I found precious little chatter about martian cryptids. Sad.

ALEX JONES IS BILL HICKS — lol I was wondering if this would be on here. They kind of look the same! And have vaguely similar ways of talking! See! You would think this was a joke that got out of control, but there are people who are all-in on it. Most of them agree Hicks was “killed” as a show because he was actually recruited by one Alphabet Agency or another to become a sort of bad-faith provocateur. People like Jones spend a lot of time selling ‘dont trust anyone’, so it’s kind of inevitable that it can and does come back to bite them. Jones has plenty of detractors in the conspiracy community and most just think he’s a dumbass or paid agent, not Bill Hicks. Still, folks have made whole videos painstakingly explaining this and so on. If Hicks saw it, I’m not sure if he’d be really mad or if he’d laugh until he puked.

CROWDFUNDED ASSASSINATIONS — So on one hand, there’s the thing that this likely conjures in your mind: a bunch of people chipping in to hire some DarkWeb Assassin. Has it been attempted? Surely. Has it worked? I haven’t the foggiest. The ‘Darkweb Assassin’ stuff is so murky and riddled with frauds and pranks that you’d need to put some genuine elbow-grease into getting anywhere near the details. And even if you did try it, and there are such assassins, one would expect they don’t want to have their details learned. Anyway, on the other hand, this may or may not take place through monetized online death-pools. You know, everyone places bets of when a famous person will kick it, or who will go first, or so on. Well if there’s enough money floating on this, including untraceable crypto, you can see how maybe someone would find it profitable to ‘help’ their odds a bit by taking a direct hand in matters. People have theorized about this for ages, written essays about how it might work out, spread stories about it, etc. There’s been a darkweb site or two allegedly set up for it, but who knows if they’re legit.

The book “Report from Iron Mountain”, made to look like a government letterhead document with a big red ‘suppressed’ stamp on it.

REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN — This is a book from the 60s presented as if being written collectively by an anonymous group of government officials. It allegedly presented the findings of years of study and theorizing, all aimed at whether peace was sustainable. Eventually, the report states that war is not just inevitable but necessary — and that we must be constantly kept in a state of war of various sorts to maintain the American lifestyle. Which, well…mind that this was written in the 60s and we’ve been at war just about ever since.
Anyway, it was said to be a hoax and the alleged writer came forward, but a lot of people think that was just a play for attention or a poor attempt at stifling it. I have my doubts that such a high level government report just managed to get published without them noticing. BUT I mean, the US functions solely by being at perpetual war so *makes hands going up and down like scales gesture*

ORMUS — While there was an ancient kingdom called ‘Ormus’ but I am almost positive that’s not what they mean here. The ORMUS we have here is uhhhh, phew. Okay so it is also referred to as ORME, which stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements. You can buy this stuff online, and supposedly there’s tons of single-atom gold and other things in it? Matter doesn’t quite work the way ORMUS suggests it does, but who knows. People allegedly make their own, too. It’s super pseudo-science, as in there’s no agreed upon evidence any of it works and a lot of the alleged mechanics rely heavily on magic and alchemy and metaphysical language. ORMUS were ‘discovered’ in the 70s and allegedly have special healing properties and can all but give you superpowers as well. But that’s not all! As time went on, ORMUS managed to transcend being alchemical potions and was linked to pyramids and aliens and so on. This stuff is now the foofoo new age version of Spice, basically, sold in the same flashy gas-station packaging and from equally reputable places. Be careful if you try it! At best it’s probably just basically salt, but if it actually does have water soluble precious metals then ingesting and boiling it might not be good!

Good mix today, and we’re almost done with Tier Four. We’re slowly but surely leaving the more mainstream and well-known things behind and the genuinely obscure topics are popping up with more frequency. Still many hundreds of items to go!