What Lies Below, Day Twenty One

Welcome back to What Lies Below! We’re plunging into the Fourth of Twenty Tiers today, so enjoy! Keep in mind that I’m restricting myself to bite-sized chunks, but a lot of these subjects have more exhaustive videos or articles out there. If something hooks your interest, check it out! And if I really blow it on something, let me know!

Our progress thus far…

EVER-FULL CUPS — So, this is probably here because “Ever Full” cups will occasionally show up in lore regarding Saints(they bless a cup that dozens of people drink from, etc) and also Fae. In the case of the fae, this is sometimes included in the tales where those who eat or drink their offerings wind up inexorably bound to their realm. Not much on the web about it, though!

EAZY E WAS MURDERED — Eazy E died of AIDS only a matter of weeks after being diagnosed, and that added to his celebrity status left people instantly questioning what was up. There were a lot of feuds in the music community at the time, and people started pointing fingers — though it was hard to nail down a conspiracy since he hadn’t been mysteriously shot or something like that. Then, years later, Suge Knight went on a talk show and made a rambling statement about how shooting people the normal way is too obvious and you can do the “Eazy E Thing” of infecting someone with HIV Positive blood. A lot of people made a lot of money off of this death, and there are a lot of factors that don’t seem to add up. Believe it or not, this may have something to it.

ISRAELI ANIMAL SPYING — Based on various governments trying to find ways to strap monitoring equipment to animals, the “X animal is a secret spy” thing pops up now and then and it definitely does really happen or at least really has happened. Moreso than anywhere else, Israel is accused of sending out these animals. Birds or fish will be caught with anything from alleged cameras and equipment on them to simple nature-preserve tags, and the story twists and turns a bit and is then thrown on the pile. The Mossad has a real rep for all sorts of intelligence ops, and there are plenty of people ready to believe this sort of thing. It’s not completely implausible but it feels a little outdated, you know? This made sense in the 80s and 90s but nowadays, these agencies have satellites that can see when you fart. I’d be more concerned about micro-drones or those creepy robot dogs everyone is always so pleased with.

POKEGODS — Video game urban legends rule. They’re usually kind of silly and based on nothing, just modern spooky stories for Gamerz. But they’re creative and fun. They prooobably don’t belong on this iceberg but I bet there’s going to be a few. Pokegods started with the very first games, referencing ultra-powerful Pokemon with unlisted high Pokedex numbers that you COULD get, but only if you did various specific things or inputted special cheats. The story was always how someone knew someone who’d seen it happen. Sometimes this will also refer to real Pokemon who are just mysterious or hard to get like Mew or MissingNo.

“SOFT DISCLOSURE” PSYOPS — So, this can mean different things depending on who you’re talking to. It can be something like the government trickling out a dribble of UFO information over the years to gently prepare us for aliens as opposed to just revealing everything one day and causing a panic, or it can mean a sort of gaslighting thing where you disclose something by talking about it in a removed way. For example, some government guy saying “Sure it’s possible that there’s a second invisible moon” could be considered a soft disclosure that there is one and we’ve already got people on it. In theory, we’re being ‘soft-disclosed’ all sorts of things all the time. As I write this in 2021, ‘Psyop’ is an increasingly common word on Twitter and elsewhere for “anything I don’t like or agree with”, so it’s definitely a real thing but that doesn’t mean everything identified as such is accurate.

LUNG-GOM-PA — An alleged way certain Buddhist monks can run super fast for super long times. There’s a lot of ‘monk with super powers’ stories out there, rarely with much or any evidence, but the internet loves them because it feels somewhat attainable. You might be able to do this one with certain meditation or training, or maybe just some magic rituals.

SHEEP-GOAT EFFECT — Not about actual animals, unfortunately. A paranormal researcher divided people into two groups: goats don’t believe in ESP at all, sheep believe it’s at least possible. She tested both groups and found that the ‘sheep’ tended to consistently outperform the ‘goats’ in terms of apparent psychic ability. There’s obviously some conjecture as to if any actual ‘psychic ability’ was proven in the first place, but new-agers and mystics love this kind of thing.

MOLE-KINGDOM — I genuinely do not know, folks! If I had to guess, I’d say this is either a reference to the many various underground civilizations touched on by all sorts of theories, or it references the practice of so-called “mole people” in modern cities living underground in abandoned stations, transit tunnels, etc and even forming their own communities in these places. If you know, tell me!

ITZHAK BENTOV — One of those rare legitimate scientists who also got real into supernatural and mystical stuff. He created weapons for Israel and then later created medical equipment in the US. Later in life, though, he got more and more into consciousness as a thing that could be measured and believed it wasn’t necessarily limited to only human beings. On top of all this, he died in a plane crash(every single plane crash, like every single mass shooting or disaster, has at least a few people saying it was faked or something).

small mucus-like white blobs in green grass
Oakville Blobs

‘CLEAR BLOBS’ INCIDENT — So this could be two things I guess? Sometimes little blobby things wash up on a beach somewhere; they seem like they could be something weird like eggs or cryptids. They’re usually something called salps which are cool and weird but like, just a real thing that live in the ocean.
But this is PROBABLY referring to a specific incident in the 90s(and I could have sworn this had happened other times as well) where small blobby things came down as rain on a town in Washington several times over the course of a couple weeks. That’s weird enough, but they appear to have gotten a lot of people sick. Some stories say people died, but I can’t find any real support for that. Dogs and cats did die, though. It’s never been conclusively proven what they were, with theories ranging from airline waste to government experiment to the results of a military bombing run in the nearby Pacific Ocean blowing up a bunch of jellyfish and thrusting them into the atmosphere. The stuff was studied but there seems like a bit of a government effort was made to hush it up. There are lots of articles and videos breaking down various theories; it’s an interesting case!

SET ANIMAL — The totem animal of Set in Egyptian art. The animal looks like some sort of dog, but not exactly like a dog. To date, no one is sure what animal this is supposed to be — and doesn’t appear to actually represent any known animal. This leads to a lot of conjecture about cryptids or spirits or whatever else. It is kind of weird, but not really THAT weird? Stuff like this happens all the time in large pantheons of Gods. Not sure why it’s on Tier Four; this tier is kinda not living up to the hype so far! (Please don’t be offended if you’re reading this, Set, I think your dog is extremely good)

a dog like animal with tall ears and a long tail carved into a wall
The Set Animal

TROXLER EFFECT — This is just that thing where if you look at a dot with a circle around it or whatever, eventually the circle seems to disappear! This is just an optical illusion they put in books for kids! Why is this here!!! I guess maybe some people think it proves that things we think we see are illusions or something? Whatever, next!

AGHARTI — Also ‘Agartha’, one of any number of secret underground cities containing incredible knowledge and bla bla bla. This one has been tied to both Buddhism and Christianity somehow, and has evolved over the last 1000 years to sort of just fit where it needs to be slotted. While somewhat mystical when first introduced, more modern interpretations have steered it toward being a place built by(and maybe still inhabited by) aliens. Sometimes you can actually get there through caves and stuff, sometimes it’s kind of more a place you have to mystically find. In any event, it crops up throughout hollow earth and ancient civilization conversations.

Wow, three weeks down. It doesn’t feel like it’s been this long. Quite a few weeks to go. I’m not going to lie, today’s assortment didn’t really wow me. But they can’t all be top tier. See you tomorrow!




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