What Lies Below, Day Fifty One

Exploring the Depths of the Infamous “Conspiracy Iceberg”

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It occurs to me that I should have been working in all sorts of secret codes and hidden messages, huh? Stuck a little conspiracy into my dumb articles about conspiracies? Missed the boat there. Maybe when I release this all as a book for money even though it’s all on the internet for free, which it seems like a lot of people do with their blogs.

PROJECT BLUE BOOK MISSING REPORTS We’ve already touched on Project Blue Book: a US government investigation into the UFO phenomenon in the 60s. What it found or didn’t find remains a hot topic in the UFO world and Blue Book has remained part of popular culture, spawning a TV show and lots of references. Allegedly all the reports are available through FOIA requests, though censored, but a lot of people think there’s stuff being held back. That’s probably true. Not a whole lot more to this!

GOD WAS R*PED — Just an armchair philosopher/theologian topic some people come up with as a reason for why bad things happen or God seems ambivalent to creation. If you believe those things are true, you’re forced to wonder just why God would feel that way — and if the creation of the universe(or the one we’re in, at least) was something God didn’t want, that would make sense. This is sometimes sold as a very high-tier scary secretive conspiracy because of how taboo the subject matter is, but there isn’t really a lot of substance to it other than as a hypothetical discussion.

WHITLEY STRIEBER KILLED JOHN MACK — John Mack was a psychologist who did a lot of work in the alien abduction field, but he wasn’t as dismissive of the experiences as many were. He had an interest in the spiritual significance of those experiences, and seemed to believe there was something to the phenomenon beyond what other psychologists all assumed was just trauma or mental illness. He died in 2004 when struck by a drunk driver.
Whitley Strieber is an author best known for ‘Communion’, a story about UFO abduction that is presented as a non-fiction tale based on his own experience. He was and is very into UFOs, paranormal phenomenon, and so on — and has done a lot of writing and speaking on the subjects. Communion in particular shaped a lot of public perception of UFOs and abductions.
I have never heard the theory that Strieber killed Mack and I really can’t make much sense of it! But apparently it’s out there!

CYCLIC DISENCHANTMENT+REENCHANTMENT — I think this is just touching on a theory that appears in sociology and philosophy. Pretty self-explanatory. Sacred and ‘enchanted’ things are dismantled by advances and public opinion, waning for a time until it is ‘rediscovered’ and people are enamored all over again. It can be applied to other things too: relationships, hobbies, etc. Not that weird!

TETRAPROTHOMO — Fossils discovered in Monte Hermoso, Argentina. A distinct femur bone and others were found long ago. There’s conjecture over origin and age, and I think there’s some ‘humans evolved her instead of elsewhere first’ stuff — but nothing that has reached mainstream.

HIDDEN IROQUOIS RADIO STATION — Never heard of this one. My instinct was that it’s maybe some sort of numbers station or like, a “technology appearing where/when it shouldn’t have” phenomenon. But I dug around and can’t find hide nor hair of it, even within discussions about the iceberg. Sorry! Tell me if you know!

CURSED CLICKBAIT — There’s are internet communities dedicated to laughing at and unearthing bizarre video screencaps, article thumbnails, and so forth. Be it bizarre stock images or goofy clickbait things, it can get weird. BUT, I don’t think that’s precisely what this is about. Now and then you’ll see those weird sites that seem to generate articles/headline/images by algorithm and will spam like half a dozen of them before and after the article or video or whatever you’re looking at. A lot of times these can seem disjointed, but sometimes the picture/headline combination can be ominous or disturbing or otherwise “cursed”. Still, the usage is more “cursed as in what the hell am I looking at” than cursed as in evil magic spell.

TELKA, 1913 — ‘Telka’ is the name of a novel technically written by Pearl Currane in the early 20th century. I can’t tell you much about the text itself, as it’s something rather old and rare. But it isn’t the novel itself that is so much the entry here, more who wrote it. Pearl Currane may have physically written Telka and a number of other things, but allegedly did all of this by channeling a long-dead woman named Patience Worth. A lot of people believed her and still do, too. Supporters point to the level of detail in the books about a time period Pearl couldn’t have known that much about, whereas critics think it was just delusion or a scam.

BARYON ASYMMETRY — According to how we believe the universe works, there should be equal amounts of matter and anti-matter. But there isn’t(we don’t think). There seems to be an inequality there that no accepted theories account for, and we don’t really know how it happened. Pretty big whoopsie!

MOTORWAY CASSETTE TAPES — There’s no singular theory behind it, but there is an odd phenomenon of cassette tapes in various states of disrepair tending to accumulate along roads(and even train tracks, in my experience). I don’t know if this is quite as common as it used to be, I think finding random CDs kind of took over for it, and now you don’t find random media of any sort laying on the ground. Zoomers don’t know what they’re missing.
Anyway, the cassette thing kept up long past the heyday of cassettes. It’s probably best explained by dumbasses throwing broken tapes out the window, but I imagine there are conflicting theories.

CALIFORNIA FIRES=ENERGY WEAPON TEST — This one reappears basically every time there’s wildfires; particularly in California but in other places too. It is usually based on misinterpreted or unrelated photos attached to viral memes, and the culprit is generally the U.S. government firing lasers. Why the government is doing this is generally pretty vague and changes depending on which party is in office, but it never really seems to take hold.

ONCE NUCLEAR WEAPONS EXIST DETONATION IS INEVITABLE(NUCLEAR REALISM) — This isn’t really some shadowy conspiracy or esoteric belief, it’s just generally discussed as a line of thinking about nukes. It’s a bit nihilistic, maybe, but not without merit. Self-explanatory: the creation of nukes demands the retalliatory creation of others as nations seek balance, propagation increases the odds of accidental or ‘rogue’ use, and the more likely a war is to lead to their use. I mean, this is kind of already proven since the U.S. was able to wait precisely 4 seconds after testing before immediately disintegrating as many civilians as possible with them.

RED-LIGHT INCIDENTS — A phenomenon in which people report red lights glowing around their home without apparent source, along with a similarly source-less buzzing and/or whistling sound that grows in intensity until it becomes maddening. Sometimes there is also apparently some sort of intruder, either outside or inside the home. Stories about this have popped up both on 4chan and YouTube from supposed victims of the phenomenon, but no one has been able to verify the cases. Debate goes on whether these are hoaxes, part of an ARG, or genuine.

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