What Lies Below, Day Fifty Two

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TRUMP TIME-TRAVEL — I’ve seen two flavors of this. One is basically just a meme about Barron Trump, Donald’s son, being some sort of time-traveler. Just shitposting stuff as far as I’ve seen — sometimes referencing old turn of the century books that mention a ‘Baron Trump’(who is a time traveler!) and a ‘Last President’. The other is a splinter of the Qanons who managed to work time travel into their theories, presenting Donald himself as a traveler in time or as being in contact with time travelers. It’s entirely possible they were fooled into seriously believing this by trolls, but even most Qanons didn’t buy it.

“WAKE UP DOWN THERE” — I guess this could be two things. It’s probably an obscure reference to a voice that has either been heard breaking into phone calls or coming down from the sky, saying this quote. Not much evidence supporting it, just conjecture. Or it could be the meme format where it’s a picture of various people(or even animals or aliens or whatever) saying “wake up down there, wow you were out cold huh? anyway let’s-”. This meme is mostly joke-format now but at one time was a sort of spooky message meant to suggest to readers that they were dreaming and the meme was someone in the real world sending them a message.

‘SMART DUST’ — This is a real technology that is adjacent to ‘nanites’. Smart dust isn’t exactly a swarm of self-replicating little skilled machines, but more an array of very simple and very tiny machines specifically meant to monitor various things: light, vibrations, temperature, electromagnetic fields, you name it. Not exactly something you want in the hands of any government or military or intelligence agency, which is exactly where it will end up!

About halfway down!

FORTEAN MARXISM — This is basically the same thing as Posadism, which was covered much higher on the iceberg, but without the ‘Posadas’ part. It’s pretty loose and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone use it seriously, but it’s just the blending of Marxist ideals with a lot of other things like psychic abilities, animal intelligence(especially dolphins), and UFOS(whom will either help us achieve communism or refuse to ‘uplift’ our species until we do it ourselves, depending on who you ask).

MUSIC INDUSTRY IS RUN BY A.I. — There’s already a lot of AI lurking around the fringes of the music industry. Algorithms determine playlists and advertising and harvest data and even come up with musical pieces. Some people think we’re already long past that, and virtually everything is coming from algorithms: who is ‘pushed’ by the industry, what genre will be hot at a given time, the relevant fashions, and of course the music itself. One of those things where however deep you want it to go, it can if you’re willing to make the right leaps of logic. But not a lot of like, hard evidence or reports to go on!

LIFELOG-FACEBOOK CONNECTION — Lifelog was a DARPA-run military program meant to create a record of basically…everything someone does. Movements, communication, what they consumed, read, you name it. Everything. And this would be part of a searchable database. And allegedly it went away. And then Facebook immediately started and began harvesting all the same information(as did Apple with various apps). There was even some employee overlap. Beieve it or not, more than a few people raised a brow at this. There is no “official” proof and the government has denied it, but yeah it’s happening folks!

FOSSILS VIS PLASTICA — A very old theory that fossils were just really weird but totally natural rocks, not at all associated with prior living organisms. This didn’t even have many proponents back when it was fresh, though I think there’s still a fairly small number of Creationist/Young Earth types who adhere to some flavor of it.

IRAQ WAS NUKED — I’ve honestly never heard this one. This isn’t the first “thing that happened in Iraq” item on here and so far I’ve tended to lean toward the “yeah that [atrocity the US did] probably did happen to some extent” side of the fence. But on this one, I feel like proooobably not. There’s no real substantial arguments or evidence behind this I can see, and in the strictest sense it is pooooossible that a very low-yield nuclear weapon was used. But it just doesn’t make sense and I don’t believe even the US could coverup a nuclear detonation for this long. Sorry!

CHRISTS DICK WORSHIP — Hoo boy. Okay. Back in the day, there were lots of alleged “holy foreskins” floating around that various sects claimed were the genuine relic. People would get pretty weird about them. There was also a cleric who went on tv once and claimed all christians worship Jesus’ doodle, which he based on a pretty typical picture of Jesus that did not in any way show his doodle. I don’t know. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

PHANTOM SUBMARINES — This may be centered around a case during WW2 when a US Navy Destroyer picked up a sub and believed they hit it with a depth charge, but were never able to locate it. There was conjecture about whether it was Japanese or US in origin, or even German, but it was never located. BUT, I think it is centered more around the phenomenon of divers and treasure hunters and various other seafarers encountering underwater objects that they can’t quite identify. Not shipwrecks, not animal life. One found near Sweden was rather large, a perfect circle, and appeared to have moved across the seabed at some point. This stretches back a long time and for reasons I don’t understand, no one seems interested in finding and studying these things. We have how many manboy billionaire dorks right now busily cosplaying as Tony Stark and not one wants to drop some pocket change to unearth the forbidden aqua-UFO? COME ON.

AKASHIC RECORDS — This is a term that is used really far and wide in the pagan community, larger mystical community, meditation/psychonaut community, metaphysical community, even the UFO community. As such it has been kinda stretched and watered down and a really proper rundown would take too much space. So, in very basic, the Akashic Records are a record of everything. Everything that has ever happened or will happen in every dimension and reality and iteration of the universe is there, has always been there, and always will be. The records exist as either a sort of mental state you can tap into or a “place” on the astral plane(or something equivalent). Reaching the Records is a major questline for lots of occultists, mystics, and others.

GAIA PERIODICALLY RESTOCKS EXTINCT SPECIES — I’m sure you’ve heard here and there about how something we thought was extinct is “discovered”. Some people(not many) think that the Earth(either literally working as a living organism, or via a more mystical means) brings animals back from time to time. Why? How? Not important! It would be really neat, though!

NAYIRAH’S TESTIMONY — Nayirah(who only gave her first name) was a teenager who testified in front of the US Congress before the first Iraq War. She was influential in helping build support for it by telling of atrocities allegedly committed by Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait. Buuuut it turns out she made it up! She was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US! Her testimony was written for her by a company who worked for the Kuwaiti government! Not too much more to it than that. This stuff happens all the time! Manufactured Consent isn’t just insidious commercials and copaganda like Law & Order, some of it is just straight up lying to congress(or Congress using go-betweens to effectively lie to itself in a public way so it can justify doing a thing it needs a “reason” to do). And we all just sort of shrugged and forgot about it! And then the same people bamboozled by this are the ones we let start the second Iraq War!

Sorry about all the hiccups, folks! We’ll get there!




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