What Lies Below, Day Twenty Eight

Exploring the Depths of the Infamous “Conspiracy Iceberg”

9 min readMar 28, 2021
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Welcome back! We’re done with the three day break and back at it again. I had originally thought it would be need to do it every day uninterrupted, but I guess that wasn’t realistic. Maybe I could have prewritten the articles but I didn’t and no one is allowed to yell at me because I do this for free. Checkmate.

PRISON PLANET — The term is pretty old in conspiracy circles, just a sort of catchphrase that was thrown around loosely to suggest how we’re all prisoners due to whichever combination of conspiracies someone adhered to. Sometimes it’s where we’re headed, sometimes we’re already there. Sometimes it’s a literal sort of FEMA camp 1984 thing, sometimes it’s a more metaphysical ‘reptilians are harvesting your vibes and trapping your soul’ thing. Alex Jones eventually made this the name one of his websites, and then one of his dorkier apprentices used it for a twitter handle. If you see the term used nowadays, it’s almost always referring to the website or twitter handle.

ERRATAS — It’s about time this popped up! Erratas is either a really complex ARG(Alternate Reality Game) someone put some heavy-duty work and foresight into, some sort of bizarre collaborative piece of online performance art, or the keyword that introduces you to a very complicated tangle of government/corporate surveillance, hidden messages in youtube videos, missing people, and so on. Most people nowadays tend to lean toward the first one, but as far as I know this has never been really ‘solved’. There are plenty of long videos/articles breaking it down in detail, so I’ll just give a very brief brushover here.
An imageboard post appeared only a few years ago from someone telling a kind of convoluted story about working somewhere where he’d seen the term ‘Erratas’ on something, and been told by a coworker to stay away from it because for some reason it was a word that got you flagged. Other people joined in with similar stories. Meanwhile, strange seemingly random videos were being uploaded elsewhere with odd distortions in them. Morse code messages were hidden within. The videos were allegedly uploaded to prove the ‘algorithm’ exists online that actively hunts for any mention of the term ‘Erratas’ and flags those involved. The person uploading these videos went silent not too long later. Digging into the videos they’d uploaded revealed other weird things: links to obscure bands, a defunct twitter account that had posted an odd police sketch, and so on.
And that’s it! It’s an interesting one to watch a deeper video on.

SLC DAYCARE — This is listed as “SLC Daycare” because the place is in Salt Lake City, but the place it’s almost assuredly referring to is named “Fun Time Kidz”. A few years ago, someone posted a picture of the daycare online(please do not make a habit of taking pictures of daycares and other places children congregate!) that, fair enough, did look a bit odd. It’s a boxy neon green building with irregularly placed little windows and a bit of a weird vibe. The photo-taker said he’d lived in the area for a while and had never actually seen any kids in and or around the alleged Daycare.
This led to other people sharing stories about it, generally suggesting the same thing. Some even said they’d been inside but hadn’t actually seen any kids in there. Other people said it was normal, but the “no it’s weird” people quickly said the “it’s normal” people were part of the conspiracy.
It became a hot topic and was discussed on various forums and imageboards, with multiple posters visiting the place, photographing it, making phone calls, and questioning locals.
A lot of people decided it was clearly a front for some sort of operation, probably trafficking. This was based largely on “it looks weird!” and most of the theorists seemed to arrive at that conclusion and work backward from it. More and more locals came forward to say it’s a legitimate daycare, but that hasn’t stopped people from arguing about it to this day.

A photo of a small brightly painted building, it is green with a purple roof and yellow window frames at odd heights and sizes.
SLC Daycare

POSADISM — I was really hoping this would be on here. Some of you may have seen this term float around lately on social media in a sort of political context and may now be wondering why it’s way down on Tier Five of this iceberg. Well, it’s quite a thing! In the 60s, a guy named Posadas put together a sort of…metaphysical marxist movement. Posadists were into a lot of stuff: believing nuclear war was inevitable and possibly even desirable, believing a variety of UFO/Ancient Alien theories, and so on. As time went on, this metaphysical slant grew — for example they got really into communicating with animals and this led to dolphins becoming a symbol of sorts for the group. The official Posadist 4th International organization/political party is more or less defunct these days, but the ideology has had one of those weird internet rebirths where a bunch of people “ironically” get into something but then it winds up accumulating actual interest in the process. Oh and some people think the whole “we won’t make it into the galactic community until we embrace global communism” idea inspired Star Trek(Roddenberry has not confirmed this).

EMERALD ISLAND/NIMROD ISLANDS — These are all ‘phantom islands’, i.e. people were super sure they’d seen and charted them but then no one else was ever able to find them. This cluster is all south and sort of east of New Zealand and Australia. An expedition or two has tried to locate various phantom islands, but without much luck. Sometimes people think these are somehow mobile landmasses or secret bases or hidden by tech/magic, but I wish people thought they were enormous cryptids. That seems like it would be more fun to believe, to me.

2030 UN AGENDA — Basically anything the UN puts out is going to generate a bit of hubbub in the conspiracy community. The UN is the closest thing to the ‘one world government’ that many conspiracy types fixate on, so the magnifying glass is always on it. Also a certain crowd(not ALL theorists, but some) like to use the word “globalist” as a scary boogeyman because it’s their very clever way of referring to another group. I bet you can guess who.
Anyway, do you know how Fox News will run those segments where they’re like “Joe Biden says he’s going to OUTLAW being straight and END capitalism and make POSSUMS the national mascot” and you’re like, why are you making him sound so much scarier and cooler than he is? That’s kind of what happens with conspiracy theorists and the UN. Agenda 21, up above on the iceberg, is an example. Agenda 2030 is another.
Agenda 2030, at least officially speaking, is a non-binding resolution adopted by the UN a few years ago that focuses on lofty goals like “ending poverty”, “reducing inequality”, “protect nature” and so on. There are 17 goals in all, virtually none of which any countries in the U.N. will actually do anything to materially pursue. The UN puts out resolutions like this all the time with arbitrary ‘deadlines’ that eventually pass(like Agenda 21). Some people decided that A30 was actually set up to “end the family unit” and “microchip everyone” and on and on; a viral meme went around listing basically every single conspiracy theorist scary story as a thing A30 is supposedly going to somehow create and enforce by 2030. The meme made it into the facebook boomersphere and went viral so whether any of it is true or not, you will hear about it increasingly frequently until 2031 or so when a new “Agenda XX” will replace it.

OJ IS KHLOE’S DAD — Believe it or not, this is actually pretty mainstream. Khloe’s father Robert worked on OJ’s defense team Allegedly, during this time, OJ had an affair with Kris Jenner. Now and then someone says someone confessed or they saw a diary entry or who cares who cares who CARES WHO CARES

CUBAN ACOUSTIC ATTACKS — This has been going on for a while, and is often connected to something called “Havana Syndrome”. It has gotten a lot of mainstream attention, though there’s still argument whether the acoustic attacks are ‘real’ or something else is going on. This one is given a bit more attention by “legitimate” voices because the source is the US State Department. A few years ago they reported that a US official in Cuba was exhibiting odd symptoms and that they thought an ‘acoustic attack’ using weaponized sound may have done it. More people wound up exhibiting these symptoms as time went on, many of whom were diplomats. Cuba denied this, and honestly it doesn’t make a LOT of sense that they’d go to all these lengths to bother US diplomats. Still, something seemed to zero in on these people — though debate is open as to what: acoustic weapons, some other illness, a chemical agent used for killing local bugs, etc.

To recap where we’re at. Nearly through tier five!

SCHIZOANALYSIS — This is a really hard thing to define simply because a host of philosophers, doctors, authors, and so on have redefined it in their own way over the years — leading to a very confusing collective definition. Depending on how you look at it, it’s a non-traditional way of looking at philosophy or politics or anything else that unmoors you from established norms and seeing causal motivations not apparent. Or maybe I’m wrong! In text, it is often highly politicized. I’ve seen it used a lot on imageboards and such in a less technical sense, though, and more as…a sort of trope based on the widespread notion that people with schizophrenia have access to hidden insights.

US CENSUS GENOCIDES — This one takes different forms depending on who you talk to, as is often the case. Sometimes, when seen in the mainstream, it is discussing the way census numbers are manipulated or outright faked in order to inflate/deflate the numbers of certain demographics, which in turn can affect the way those demographics are treated, the government spending that impacts them, and so on. If an already vulnerable group is ‘erased’ in the census, for example, they may receive even less assistance and be further harmed. Some claim the numbers are shifted to promote other agendas like the far-right “great replacement” thing.

BUNDY SHAPESHIFTING — A lot of testimony both from trials and just in general suggests that Ted Bundy was very good at disguising himself, or could appear as if he was someone else at certain times. Some said he was a “changeling” or a “shapeshifter” to illustrate their point, so naturally a few people on the internet decided to take these suggestions literally. Sometimes this combines with the theory that he was possessed by some kind of entity. This is not a rare theory when it comes to serial killers.

BITCOINS CREATED BY WORLD GOVERNMENTS — There isn’t really any one unified theory here, it’s just a sort of constant background noise given how weird a lot of things about Bitcoin are. The precise origins of Bitcoin are a little foggy and the Bitcoin community, as it grows, has had no shortage of drama and finger-pointing within. This isn’t just internet namecalling, either, as some of these people are battling over millions of dollars. Anyway: some people think it was made as a devious way to help introduce a one-world government by making a futuristic single currency they could control, some people think it was just a sort of experiment that is now running wild, some people think it’s some kind of virus(not sure how this would work), some people think it is less secure than believed and was created specifically so people doing certain things would use it and thus be traced, on and on. I’ve even heard that it is part of a larger Artificial Intelligence. Not much hard evidence for anything, but hardcore Bitcoin people are…ah, a unique crowd.

There we have it! Back to daily updates for the near future. We’re almost done with Tier Five, but that’s still only about a quarter of the way through. It gets weirder.