What Lies Below, Day Twenty Seven

Exploring the Depths of the Infamous “Conspiracy Iceberg”

7 min readMar 24, 2021


Badly drawn MS Paint image depicting items from the article

Welcome back; I’m Rob and this is WLB. I’m tackling the seemingly endless conspiracy iceberg one day at a time, offering 13 bite sized items until we finish it. We’re into the fifth of twenty tiers now, so let’s get started!
(Note: I’ll be taking a break for the next three days or so, but will return to daily updates afterward. So only assume the men in black were dispatched to silence me if the absence goes for 4 or 5 days).

SMOKE CIRCLES — Now and then, odd black circles of smoke have appeared in the sky in different spots around the world. If you dig around on youtube there are some videos. They hang there a while and then disperse. No one is super sure what they are! Most people think these are leftovers from fireworks, and one or two instances appear to have been proven to be so. Still, they don’t always appear in places fireworks have happened.

A picture of a thin, smoky black circle hanging high in the sky.
One of the better known smoke circle sightings

PROFESSIONAL SPORTS SCRIPTED — Everyone who watches a lot of sports has believed in their belly at least once that a specific game or match was somehow rigged, a ref paid off, a player told to take a dive, etc. The idea that basically all of it is rigged is an old conspiracy theory, but way less popular than UFOs and illuminati and stuff. But it kind of makes sense, right? If pro sports are part of the circus meant to keep us distracted from ~the truth~, you would think these sports and their results would be as meticulously controlled as all the other media we’re told is also part of the plan. Unfortunately, sports are pretty transparent and the enormity of actually rigging ALL of it is enough to make most theorists back off(and if you start to believe sports can’t be effectively rigged, you might accidentally start believing that disasters and mass shootings aren’t faked either. Can’t fall down that rabbit hole!). Anyway, there are a lot of theories about specific big games/matches being rigged that do have merit, and there are genuine cases of this sort of thing happening. Why is Tom Brady able to shred anyone except goofball NFC teams led by guys who perpetually look like they just took a huge dose of valium?

LORD PAKAL’S MACHINE — Pakal was the ruler of a large Mayan City-State. The lid of his tomb has an intricate carving that, if you look at it sideways and squint a bit, looks like he’s riding some sort of space motorcycle rocket thing. Most anthropologists see religious context, but ancient astronaut theorists are pretty sure it’s a spaceship. It is pretty cool.

A stone lid carved in very high detail. A figure is shown, among other imagery, and appears to be sitting on something that could be interpreted as a rocket.
Lord Pakal’s Machine. Judge for yourself.

DOGON TRIBE — The Dogon are an indigenous ethnic group in Mali, which in and of itself isn’t particularly weird. The thing that is weird is that they seem to know about, and have religious beliefs based on, the star Sirius B. This is challenged and disputed, but it’s still been written on and has drawn attention from various online corners. There’s a lot of this sort of case found in terms of alleged similarities between ancient civilizations that shouldn’t have had contact.

ENNEAGRAM — An enneagram is a personality diagram that appears as a circle with 9 equidistant points, each representing a sort of archetypal trait, and a number of lines connecting them. Like any other ‘personality test’ thing, there are people who swear by it and people who don’t. While some people seem to think these are millennia-old secret teachings, they’re probably more recent in origin — like the 50s or 60s. Pretty popular in new age metaphysical circles. There are plenty of places online where you can go take a test and get one generated for you, if that’s your deal. Try it out!

PLANET NINE — Planet Nine may or may not be a planet that may or may not be wayyyyy out there so far that we can’t actually see it. It is theorized due to the way the gravity of such a thing would explain certain behaviors of other objects out there. If it exists, it’s really big and really old and on a very very big looping orbit. Scientists are still unsure about it, but we do keep an active eye out for it. If you’ve been reading this far, I bet you can guess how excited certain folks are about Planet Nine. Lots of people consider this to be ‘Planet X/Nibiru’, which was talked about further up, and the source of tons of ancient alien theories.

A photo showing a number of trees that turn at a sharp ninety degree angle shortly above ground, then curve back skyward in a shape resembling a sickle.
The crooked forest.

THE CROOKED FOREST — There’s a place in Poland where an area of trees have grown with an odd crook in their lower trunks. The trees go up a little, then turn sharply to the side and curve back upward. Its uniform among them and seems as if most are ‘pushed’ in the same direction. There’s no real official consensus on what made this happen, either. It’s pretty weird. The trees are otherwise healthy, and it is a place the public can go see for themselves.

CHARLES WELLS — Lifelong fraudster who allegedly came up with a ‘trick’ to win at casinos and did so at the Monte Carlo in the 1890s, big time. He tried to do it again later in life and failed, and he wound up using his winnings to set up a private bank with which he did yet more frauds. So, probably, the casino stuff was also a fraud. He did some time in prison and wound up dying poor and being put in a pauper’s grave. Not sure this is weird enough to qualify for Tier Five!

PRISM — This is an unarguably real one! This is the incredibly obviously-evil name that the NSA chose for their “spying on everyone’s internet use” program. This sort of thing probably was happening from day one, but it organized and tightened up into a specific thing during the W presidency. We later learned about it thanks to Snowden, who was immediately vilified. Even though everyone agrees this is a bad thing to have around, we’ve had a president from each party in the time since and both of them seemed totally fine with it. Weird! Anyway, PRISM is real and bad. Just how deep PRISM goes and how much they know is open to debate, but you can bet on it being ‘more than you would want’.

LOST THUNDERBIRD PHOTO — The story goes that in the 1890s, some hunters shot and killed a HUGE ‘bird’ in Arizona(though sometimes it allegedly happens in other states instead) and dragged it back to town. It was hung up, displayed, and photographed. The ‘bird’ is described by all accounts to have basically been what you imagine when you think of a pterodactyl. While it wouldn’t be the only ‘thunderbird’ or ‘living dinosaur’ case, it would be the strongest. There are a lot of accounts of this happening and supposedly tons of people who saw the photo, all of whom tend to describe the same scene. Supposedly the photo even reappeared at times in more modern history, yet lost media hunters have yet to track it down.

NOVUS ORDO MUNDI — I think this is just a way some people like to refer to the New World Order. The only places I see it referred to in a serious way are just using it interchangeably for that(and a defunct facebook metaphysical meme page). I also see it being used as the name of a fictional organization in some game; which I suppose would be the perfect camouflage for a real nwo splinter faction~

SHERMAN CHURCH — This is probably referring to a church named ‘The Church At Carson City’ based out of Carson City, Michigan that is unofficially called ‘Sherman’s Church’ due to the name of the founder. According to former members, it’s very cult like in all the usual ways — yet fairly large, with a member base that has a fair amount of local influence. While not as overtly dangerous as larger and more famous cults, this one is allegedly covering up some ugly secrets including child abuse. I could be totally wrong here, but nothing else seems to match up.

THE GAOTU MAFIA — GAOTU means “The Great Architect Of The Universe”, and is a term often used(at least in part) by groups like the Masons who want to include a higher power without explicitly giving the nod to any single religion. Someone I met out in the real world once called freemasons the ‘gaotu mafia’, so maybe that’s what this means. I have no further context for that, though. The phrase also appears in a book called ‘Apocalypse Culture’, a collection of writings meant to show that all sorts of bizarre and horrible things are going on and accelerating/expanding at such a rate that the center cannot hold and an apocalypse of sorts is inevitable. The context of the phrase suggests that maybe it is referring to masons or something like them.
There was also a guild by this name in some werid little-known MMO, but I don’t think that’s this!

Okay folks, thanks for coming and I’ll see you in a few days! As always, reach out if you have corrections, suggestions, invitations, or dark secrets of the hidden world to share!